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Digital Marketing Mistakes
5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Small Business Owner Should Avoid
Learn about the five common mistakes every small business should avoid when it comes to digital marketing and make sure that your strategies are always working in favor of your success.
why website speed matters
5 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters for Google Page Rank
Slow websites are like sluggish sloths. Improve speed for better rankings, user engagement, mobile performance, and higher conversion rates. Speed matters!
tips for lawyers to improve SEO
Top 5 Tips for Lawyers to Improve SEO
Learn the importance of keyword research and on-page optimization, creating quality content, building high-quality backlinks, and monitoring key metrics. Follow these steps to boost your law firm's visibility and success!
higher conversion rates
Optimizing Your Digital Strategy for Higher Conversion Rates
Small businesses can optimize their digital strategies to get a higher conversion rate by understanding customer journeys, staying agile, and testing different offers.
how to Increase Online Visibility
How to Increase Online Visibility for Small Businesses with Digital Marketing
Learn how to increase your online presence - create a website, leverage social media & boost web traffic.
Facebook Ad CTA
Facebook Ad CTA Button Options
This is what you’ve been looking for. The complete, no BS, list of Facebook ad CTA buttons! Just a simple bulleted list organized by ad type. You’re welcome!
Group of credit cards on computer keyboard
What Cards Does Square Accept
Square accepts various payment types. Despite myths, it can accept gift cards and prepaid cards. Learn more about what cards does Square accept.
What’s the difference between Square and Squarespace?
Square is not the same as Squarespace. They sound like the same thing. And if you’re new to digital marketing, I don’t blame you for being confused between the two. Once you know the difference between Square and SquareSpace, you’ll never forget it.
How Does Square Reader Work?
These days, the payment processor Square seems to be everywhere, from the coffee shop to your neighbor’s yard sale to national franchise businesses.
The History of Search Engine Optimization (Google's Origin Story)
Although most people may not be familiar with the term "search engine optimization", everyone has been exposed to the impact of SEO.
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