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B.A. Advertising from Pratt.


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Here's what a recent client had to say about me: "Hi Steven - Thanks so much for the insights + connection – Looks like we'll be working with Boostability! Enjoy" - Liz (

Here's what a recent client had to say about me: "Hi Steven - Thanks so much for the insights + connection – Looks like we'll be working with Boostability! Enjoy" - Liz (

After we helped Liz from Liddabit Sweets get to the first page of Google, she appreciated what we did so much that she sent us a personal, hand-written note and some chocolate. She's not the only one. Our clients' praise says it all.

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SEO Benefits

I'm going to tell you the hard truth about your business and why you're not getting as much business as you could be getting. 

It all has to do with the way consumers search.

You probably don't want to hear this but you need to.

Let's use my dentist as an example.

SEO for Dentists in NYC.

consumer Searching Behavior and SEO

Here's the hard truth: the vast majority of customers don't search for your business name on Google!

Guess what...

They're typing words like "park slope dentist" or "best dentist in brooklyn".

Unless you're Nike, McDonald's, or any other business with a multi-million dollar advertising budget, new customers are not searching for your business's name.

That's called branded SEO.

And while it's important, it inherently relies on the consumer knowing your brand name.

My dentist's business name is "Rosenkranz Dental".

Less than 1% of new customers Google that name.

The fact is that the business is not well known enough so no one is searching for the business's name.

So how do you get people to find you on Google?

You want to use non-branded keywords.

This is important to understand...

Non-branded keywords describe your business and, most often, include a neighborhood or city name.

Based on my dentist's location and business, there are several key phrases that his potential customers are searching for to find dentists in Park Slope.

However, there's one key phrase that stands out: "dentist park slope" because it gets 2,000 searches a month and shows intent.

Google Search Optimization for 'Dentists Park Slope'.

That person is looking for a dentist. IN PARK SLOPE!

That's a potential customer.


Here's very important fact #1: the first position on Google gets 33% of the clicks. #2 position? 17%.

And it's just keeps dropping from there.

In fact, the entire first page of Google gets 92% of all the clicks.

Here's very important fact #2: 85% of Google users never go beyond the first page.

So, if my dentist is not on the first page, he might as well not even exist to new customers searching for dentists in Brooklyn on Google.

Take the next step and find out what's wrong with your website

The first step is evaluating your current website.

You need to find out what's holding you back.

To do that, you need to enter your website through a SEO website audit tool.

From there, I can update your site and start increasing the traffic.

SEO can help increase your Sales

What I love about SEO is that it's measurable.

I can tell you quite reliably how much more money you'll make each month.

Key Phrase Research for 'Dentist Park Slope' shows estimated average monthly searches from Google.

This table shows the expected revenue from reaching the first position of Google for the three targeted key phrases.

That's a lot of extra money per month just from Google.

I recommend using this free website auditor to find out what's wrong with your website:

Or if you want to keep reading about SEO, click here: