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Do you have a negative article on the first page of Google that you'd rather not have your prospective customers see? You can control the conversation happening around your business by getting articles featured in major publications.

59% of adults prefer to read news online vs other channels.

59% of adults prefer to read news online vs other channels.

PR & Online Reputation Management Benefits

  • Trust & Credibility - When you're featured in major publications, customers take you seriously.
  • More Traffic - Having a single link and mention in a relevant article, can generate significant traffic to your site.
  • SEO & Domain Authority - Your site will rank higher in Google Search Results when other websites point to your site.

Credible, Relevant Publications

  • Huffington Post
  • Forbes
  • Entrepreneur
  • Inc.
  • Local trade publications relevant to your industry.

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How Digital PR is Helping Businesses Build Stronger Search Optimized Websites

Doing business in the 21st century is not the same as it used to be before. Neither is it easier.

Today, consumers have the option of hopping from one company to the other, without feeling the same sense of guilt you'd feel abandoning a store a decade ago. With Google being a dominant figure in most consumers' spending decisions, flexibility is a feature it offers its users. With that, brands with better ranking and visibility win the game in this era.

Google and Amazon top the chart when it comes to where users begin their decision making. A survey by Power Reviews discovered that both Amazon and Google jointly account for 71% of users purchasing decisions, with Google taking the lead only after Amazon.

This findings makes optimizing your website for search engines like Google and Amazon very critical to your business' online success. However, digital PR is how brands are making SEO work better for them today and this article will show why that is the case.

Digital PR Strengthens Your Brand's Reputation

Before a customer decides to make a purchase from a brand, they want to make sure they are dealing with the right business. This means just appearing on the first page of Google for your business is not enough to convince customers to buy from you.

Companies like Quantum SEO Labs have perfected the art of helping brands get this type of PR, and by leveraging a company's past achievement or their founder's insights and experience on a given topic, they get both your brand and your founder featured on places like Huffington Post and Forbes.

The results brands report from getting featured on a digital media is always outsized and can actually pay for much of a company's SEO efforts.

In a report by that was published on Adweek, it was established that 81 percent of shoppers actually conduct an online research before buying. This means shoppers are going to be making decisions and judgments about your brand based on what they see online. This is where getting PR helps strengthen your brand's SEO efforts.

Brand Mentions is a Top Google Ranking Factor

Another area digital PR goes further to build stronger search results for brands is that Google considers PR and mentions on high authority publications as one of their top ranking factors. This finding was revealed in the popular Google Ranking Factors report by Backlinko.

This could count as Google giving direct credence to the power and importance of brand mentions on news sites and credible publications.

Quantum SEO Labs CEO and founder, Yasir Khan agrees that a presence on a news outlet is a boosting signal for SEO. That’s why his company maintains a relationship with some of the best known publications on the internet.

The understanding that marketers can easily manipulate almost any form of SEO except a brand mention could also be the key to why Google gives much importance to brand mentions.

Users Associate Mentions on Top Media Outlets With Excellence

The fact that only successful and excellent brands often get attention in the press is a win for businesses that combine their SEO efforts with digital PR.

In an era when users can easily change their mind about a brand and are given so many options to choose from, a presence on news sites could be your only chance of proving your excellence to doubting shoppers.

In the end, a high-ranking website may not convey credibility as much as brand mentions in these publications could, given how easy it may be for businesses to purchase a top placement in search engines.

With Quantum SEO Lab’s experience in helping businesses get on places such as Business Insider, Forbes and Entrepreneur, you can reliably establish your business as an excellent market leader.


How does your business approach SEO and digital PR? Are you considering augmenting your SEO with digital PR?