What is a Title Tag?

A Title Tag is the big blue link that appears on Google's search engine results page. Most business owners don't know this: you can control what it says. Just log in to your website's Content Management System and edit them. But before you do that, there's a few things you need to know.

In the screenshot below, the Title Tag is "Brooklyn, NY Real Estate & Homes for Sale - realtor.com®".


Title Tags and keywords

It's important that each of your Title Tags includes your keywords when possible. Don't force it. The main purpose of a Title Tag is to describe what a page is about, so don't include keywords in your Title Tag that are not relevant to that page.

Use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords relevant to your site. If you find Google's Tool too confusing, try using a simpler keyword tool.

Title Tags must be 100% unique

Before you start editing your Title Tags, understand that each page on your site must have a unique Title Tag. Do not make them all the same. They should describe what the page is about but also include your keywords when possible.

Title Tag character limit

There is a limit to how many characters you should include in your Title Tags. Generally, try to keep them below 60 characters. That will prevent them from getting cut off. It helps keep your message concise and easy to ready by potential customers.

How do I change my Title Tags?

It's easy, if you're using a popular Content Management System such as SquareSpace, you can simply log in and edit them. I've linked to the instructions for editing Title Tags for each of the major Content Management System providers below:

Square Space



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