Private digital marketing consultation and team training.

  • One-on-one consultation - If you need to really understand how to do one particular aspect of digital marketing, a private consultation is the best option. I can customize our session to whatever you need to know.
  • Team training - Want to get your entire team up-to-speed about one particular aspect of digital marketing? I can come in for a few hours or for a full day session.
Steven Matt

Steven Matt

An effective digital marketing strategy starts with understanding what you want to achieve. 

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About Steven Matt

He has a BA in Communications Design from Pratt Institute and a Master’s Degree in Management & Technology from NYU. He's a certified Digital Marketing Instructor for General Assembly and NYC Business Solutions. His unique professional experience and academic background, which blends creativity and strategic analysis, allows him to bridge the communication gap between executive-led strategy and the tactical execution of the developers and creatives to achieve results with efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness.