Social Media Demographics

Let’s take a look at each social media channel individually and breakdown the demographics including age, education, and gender and the type of content and strategies that work for each.

Social Media Demographics

Facebook Demographics

Facebook is great for posting what’s referred to as long form copy and longer videos (> 1 minute). People typically prefer to stay within Facebook. Facebook like all social media is a very effective way to increase awareness about your brand and conduct retargeting.

Instagram Demographics

Note video restriction: 60 seconds or fewer

Instagram is great for images and short videos (< 1 minute). Instagram tends to be less serious of a medium than Facebook. More people share memes on Instagram, for example. There’s also less time to convey an idea because the video limit is one minute.

Twitter Demographics

Note copy restriction: 280 characters or fewer

Short copy (< 1 minute), short video, and images or animated GIFs. Twitter is well suited for conversations. As opposed to Facebook or Instagram, which is more well suited for monologue. It’s a great platform to for industry experts, influencers, and tastemakers.

SnapChat Demographics

SnapChat encourages the use of vertical video—as opposed to the horizontal video format that is preferred on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. SnapChat is known for its authentic, live videos. SnapChat is a great platform to share behind the scenes content.

LinkedIn Demographics

The platform was created specifically for business to business communication. The content is typically long-form, business-focused content such as white papers, case-studies, analysis, or reviews.

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