SEO for Plumbers

Every day, someone has a plumbing problem that needs to get fixed. If you’re wondering why your plumbing business is not getting any calls, it may mean that potential clients are not aware of your plumbing services.

To make your plumbing services visible to the correct people, you’ll need a solid SEO foundation to get you on the top search results every time someone needs plumbing help. Here are 2 incredibly handy SEO tips for plumbers like you:

SEO for plumbers is notoriously competitive. Luckily there are free tools you can use to help your plumbing business rank above your competitors.

SEO for plumbers is notoriously competitive. Luckily there are free tools you can use to help your plumbing business rank above your competitors.

Keep your Site Simple and Straightforward

Keep your website simple and straightforward, make it crystal clear to website visitors that your website is all about getting their plumbing problems fixed. In your line of business, urgency is key, and they need answers right away. Achieving this objective makes you a reliable website that users come back to every time they have a plumbing problem. This builds your domain and page authority, which steadily boosts your SEO rankings as well.  

Getting your plumbing fixed is a hassle in itself already, don’t add to your potential clients’ annoyance by bombarding them with pop-up ads and blaring music. Make sure that your contact number is on every page of your website for increased chances of conversion and a page dedicated to FAQs to ensure that every call you’re getting is a qualified lead.

Your bio is essential at building trust from potential clients. Your bio should include your photo and highlights your experience and expertise as a plumber. This makes your website more human instead of being a faceless entity, endearing website visitors and producing quality leads that would make search engine tilt rankings in your favor.  

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Own Your Local SEO

Own your local SEO. Being general in the geographical scope of your plumbing services is an extremely bad idea. People needing your services will look for the closest plumber to quickly fix their problem, thus owning your local SEO is crucial. If you’re a plumber from New York, getting website visits from users currently residing in Switzerland is a waste of time and a call from a person living in California who needs their plumbing fixed is simply not economically feasible. Thus, owning your local SEO is the best course of action for your plumbing website.  

A great way to start owning your local SEO is by getting on Google’s vast services that put you and your business on the map. Get your business on Google Maps, get listed on Google Places, and make sure you’re on Google My Business. The more embedded you are with Google’s services, the better your SEO rankings will fare. All you have to do is to keep every information consistent - name, business hours, address, contact numbers - and the stuff you’re uploading is of quality, that includes HD photos that are not copyright material.

Owning your local SEO and rising through the search ranks means outperforming other plumbers in your local area. In order to do that, you have to keep users and potential clients hooked. Keep them interested by posting relevant content with incredibly helpful tips or eye-catching infographics. If you’re a plumber from Miami and weather reports show that there’d be heavy rainfall coming, providing prevention tips that a typical Miami can understand and act on would be incredibly helpful. They’re not only a good way to connect with local clients, they increase chances of getting quality inbound links, which increased your site’s authority, which in turn boosts your SEO.

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