How Do I Get My Business Listed On Yelp?

SEO for Yelp in a few easy steps.

Getting your business listed on Yelp is critical to its success. It's free and very easy to. All you need to do is go to the Yelp for Business Owners page and claim your business. From there, Yelp will ask you to fill out all of the essential information about your business such as hours of operation, address, website, and a short paragraph about the services or products your business offers. You'll even have the opportunity to add your own pictures.

Don't let anyone try to tell you that you need to pay to have your business listed on Yelp; it's simply not true. Yelp never charges for a basic listing. However, Yelp does charge for extra services. With a paid advertising package, you will have the ability to control the order of each image in the carousel, you will get a professional videographer to film a featured video about your business, and advertising on competitor's pages. For more tips and tricks for Yelp SEO, see our YouTube video on the Yelp loophole to rank #1 on Google.

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