How Do I Get More Instagram Followers?

Getting more followers on Instagram can really increase sales. Just don't do it the bad way. It'll end up hurting you in the end.

Getting more followers on Instagram can really increase sales. Just don't do it the bad way. It'll end up hurting you in the end.

There are good ways and bad ways. White hat and black hat. Don't be a bad guy.

Anyone can pay for followers; there are thousands of websites out there that will sell you followers. But it won't help your business make more money because the people that follow you are not genuinely interested in your business's products or services. They're likely people from other countries that are being paid pennies to like your page. Watch this video that reveals the truth behind fake followers:

Try to build your followers organically by providing real value.

  1. Provide valuable information. Assist your followers. Understand why they're following you in the first place and then deliver more of what they want.

  2. Be Relevant. Share what's happening right now in your industry or what your followers are already talking about.

  3. Show support for you followers. Share your followers content. Take a moment to read their posts. Comment on them and share them. Spread the love. It goes both ways.

  4. Organize your content. Use a social media calendar to organize your future posts so you avoid feeling rushed. Or use a tool like Hootsuite.

  5. Add visuals. Images and videos are more engaging than just text.

  6. Be consistent. As I mentioned in a previous post about business information consistency, it's critical to post consistent information on each of your social media platforms.

Having a substantial following on Instagram adds a social proof to your business, making potential clients more comfortable with contacting your business. These are organic methods of gaining followers and customers. Another way is through Instagram Ads. See our video below that will help you decide if Instagram Ads are right for your business.

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