Small Business Owner Spotlight: Victoria from Résumé

As a small business owner, how do you position your business to customers when you offer a service that many other companies offer? What if those other companies have a lot more money than you and have been around for a lot longer? How do you differentiate yourself?

Victoria runs, which provides résumé writing services for professionals. She's up against some pretty stiff competition. I met Victoria when she attended one of my recent Digital Marketing classes, "Marketing 101" hosted through NYC Business Solutions.


We synched up after because she needed some help optimizing her website for mobile. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. When I first read about her business, I thought 'how can her business compete with all of these other big players?'

It was when we sat down to work on her website that I was put in my place. In the two hours that we sat in front of the computer, Victoria received at least 6 orders on her phone. I quickly realized why she has become so successful. Aside from the fact that she's really good at she does, she's a great writer, and she's charismatic, she employs three unique value propositions (UVPs) that her customers find appealing:

  1. Lighting Response Time
    1. Victoria responded to inquiries and orders immediately. That's important in a business like hers. If she's not fast, her customers will go somewhere else. Victoria was smart by implementing a short form on her site where customers could easily ask questions. And when an order did come through, she confirmed receipt immediately.
  2. Easy Checkout Process
    1.'s checkout process is only three steps. And, as a rule of thumb, no online store's checkout process should be any longer than that. There as few obstacles in the user experience as possible.
  3. Consistent Personal Voice
    1.'s messaging on the website and social media is really different than the big competition. The message is coming from a real person, Victoria. And that's important because no one wants their resume written by a robot or an anonymous person. They want a personal touch. And that's exactly what Victoria provides.

And to seal it all up, Victoria is very active on Social Media. She has a great Facebook page, Yelp page, and Instagram page where her followers are actively engaged.

Victoria offers some advice about her Social Media strategy:

Digital Marketing is simple, as long as you consistently touch base with your prospective customers through all digital facets e.g., Social Media, Blogs, Yelp etc... Keeping your message simple is key and providing tips on how to effectively use your service to your customers' advantage can build relationships; as current and future clients will look forward to and want to share your company marketing material.

Victoria is offering a special discount to my readers. So if you need a new resume like the one below, click here to place your order and use offer code: TMYGN15


Steven Matt

I am the Director of Digital Marketing at one of the world’s largest financial institutions. I teach Digital Marketing courses to small businesses on behalf of the NYC government and General Assembly in NYC. I am a graduate of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn with a Bachelors degree in Communications Design. I have a Masters degree in Management and Technology from New York University. In my spare time, I organize volunteer glass cleanups in NYC parks and I make jewelry out of the broken glass that I and the volunteers collect. I sell the designs at an artisan market in Brooklyn.