How Much Should a Good Digital Marketing Consultant Cost Per Month

A good digital marketing consultant should more than pay for him or herself every month. In other words, they should be helping your business generate revenue and they should be able to show you how, when, and where it is occurring every month through a monthly Digital Marketing Report.

How much you spend on a good Digital Marketing Consultant is up to you.

They range from $25/hour all the way up to $1,000/hour or more. But if you're asking how much you you should be paying for a Digital Marketing Consultant, you're asking the wrong question. You should be asking "How much money can my Digital Marketing Consultant help me make every month." If that's your question, then it doesn't matter how much he or she costs. Because if you're spending $2,000/month on great Consultant and he's generating an extra $4,000/month and he can prove it, then that's a 100% return on your investment. Anyone would love to have to have that. And if you can find someone who can do that for you (hint... I'm right here!), then you might as well be spending $1,000,000 per month so you could be earning $2,000,000!

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Steven Matt

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